GoldenEye Grief

Credits: Hot Cheats

I may be a little late on this (OK, two and a half years late), but the Egyptian stage in GoldenEye is confusing the mess out of me! I’ve searched everywhere for the answer but found absolutely nothing. How in the heck are you supposed to get the Golden Gun out of the friggin’ case? I’m totally clueless!

My friend told me that you must follow an exact path on the tiles: left, left, up, up, right, right, right, up, up, left, up, left, up, up, right, up. Apparently you won’t get shot by the remote guns this way, and you’ll be able to get the Golden Gun.

How to Make Money Streaming Video Games

The video game industry is a huge one with many suggesting it is worth several billion dollars per year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering virtually every time a major release hits the market it manages to sell an immense amount of copies. Thus, it’s easy to see that video games are a much-loved pastime by people of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Due to it being so loved, it’s safe to assume that quite a chunk of people would love to have their career be involved with video games. If you went back just a few short years, there were only a few ways to do this. First and foremost would be to join a video game company. From here you would be able to work in a myriad of different positions ranging from game developer to more business-oriented positions. Other than that, your only option would be to be a pro gamer. However, due to the fact that pro gaming has essentially become a sport only the most gifted of players have any chance of making a living such a way.

Nowadays, there are much easier entries to making a career out of video games – the best that would be streaming. Streaming, if you’re not aware, is the act of playing a video game and broadcasting it live to whoever wants to watch. The way to make money doing this is you then run ads during your videos, which generates revenue. Sounds easy enough right? So how do we go about doing it?

Find a Game

While you may think that finding several games to play on your stream is a good idea, this may not be the case. If you’re a diehard player of a certain game and know all of the ins and outs, streaming that certain game would most likely be your best bet. This is due to the fact that you are much more likely to not only gain, but also retain viewers because they will be learning something from you by watching. During your stream you can give tips on how to complete a certain boss, win out against your opponent in a battle or even an insight into the games background. While this isn’t absolutely necessary, focusing your efforts on a single game may be something for you to consider.

If you don’t consider yourself knowledgeable in any one game there are other options. This includes finding the most popular or the most recent games, and streaming them. If a game is brand new chances are people are going to want to check it out; which you can provide. Alternatively, if a game is popular chances are there is a huge volume of people watching the game be streamed. Due to this you can simply ride on the waves of popularity. Try Minecraft free would be a great example and a good way to get your feet wet in streaming because Minecraft is a very simple game.

Build Your Audience

Last by not least you’re going to want to build your audience. There is a plethora of ways to do this but the easiest way to go about saying it would be to simply create a brand. You’re going to want to create an online persona that can attract an audience and entertain them.

To do this you could go the comedy route and simply make your audience laugh or you could go the knowledgeable route. Choosing the brainer route means you’ll be able to captivate more dedicated viewers who are more likely to continue watching your stream.

For example, do something cool in Minecraft, like recreating Denmark, whenever there are a lot of people watching the game be streamed. If you’re knowledgeable with the game you will be able to attract high quality viewers.

Choosing the Best Minecraft Games for Your Play

Amongst all the other Minecraft games creating an online rage, the following are the most sought after options this season.

Minecraft Quiz 4

The Minecraft quiz is another recent offering of August 2014 adding to the original list of games supporting additional features. This is in line with Minecraft’s attempts to woo patrons, making frequent updates the norm of the day. The Minecraft Quiz series with its recent Minecraft Quiz 4 takes the player through a volley of questions posed on some fields belonging to the Minecraft world. Mastering all the challenges is the key to winning the game. The quiz is just to test the player’s knowledge about the game in general. Chosen answers on the quiz page will provide results on navigating from this page to the “test results” page.

The following are the frequently posed multi-option questions on the quiz, with 5 options to choose for each question.

• What is the default skin of the game and what is its name?

• What are the main Hostile mobs used in Minecraft?

• Name the creator of Minecraft

• What are the three mobs that can be tamed as pets?

• Which character gives a scary feel to the game?

• Is this a single player game? Mention true or false

• Name one of the essential blocks in Minecraft that the player needs to survive.

• How does this game end?

• What are the main tools used in Minecraft?

• Last but not the least, the final one is a fundamental question.

• What is Minecraft?

Skincraft 2

This is one of the recent Minecraft games focused on altering the mundane appearance of the central character Steve. Always dressed in purple trousers teamed with a bright blue tee, Steve never seemed to change his attire. Skincraft 2, the latest version, is an innovation in this line to give him an attire makeover, making him look more fashionable, thus making him the sought after hero for the players to be accompanied in their missions.

Choose between 2 modes; the first one termed as Pre-made, and the other one Custom. Pre-made, is an in-built mode to choose from a variety of decorative items to create new skins for him. In contrast, the Customized mode will aid the player to design new skins using different stationery items like crayons, pencils, erasers and colors.

Goodgame Empire

This game rests on its laurels to be adjudged the winner of the European Games Award 2014 for being the best browser game. Supporting a multi-player environment, the player needs to create a game account to go ahead! Building a castle from the scratch using barracks, armories and other buildings and supporting a powerful army to protect the player against imminent threats is the aim of the game. The player should focus on usurping new lands in epic player by waging player fights on a dynamic global map against thousands of other players.

The Mario Game in Itself

Players who wish to support Mario in this noble cause will witness excitement in their arduous journey cutting across different regions in the strange wilderness finally reaching the dungeon. Proceed through the game clicking the left button on the mouse.

All About Minecraft Games

All about minecraft games

Minecraft is an indie game originally created by a programmer in Sweden called Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. These types of games allow the player to construct out of textured cubes in a 3D procedural generation in fixed grid pattern representing different materials like dirt, stone, forest and caves. At the starting of the game the player is placed in a procedurally generated and virtually infinite game world. The game is procedurally generated as the player explores. The world is divided into biomes raging from deserts to jungles and snowfields. The game includes many non-player characters like mobs, animals, villagers and hostile creatures. The player can explore the map hunt for the food and materials.

The game consists of a map to be explored with a couple of player characters with a weapon available to be selected. Upon, selections there are have a map to be explored around for zombies in map. There will be a directions displayed at a corner which indicates the zombies and the player has to explore the map killing all the zombies and after killing the zombies they player can get resources like life, weapon, armor, attack strength as bonus and the points awarded in killing the opponent which can increase the level, experience and skill set of the player. All the games is designed using cubes displayed in 3-Dimensional format using cubes as pillar and obstacles and player character is also designed using cubes. There are other activities in the game which in include exploration and gathering resources, crafting and combat. The different game play modes the game includes.

Survival Mode

Survival mode requires players to acquire resources and maintain their health and hunger for the survival of the player. This mode define the life of the player based on the player should either complete the game or should be aware of the life and play the game.


Creative mode is where player have can define their own unlimited supply resources and experience, ability to fly, no hunger, unlimited health and their own user defined additional resources.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode defines the level of difficulty at differently level with less available of health and forcing the player to exit the level of game upon death.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode allows the user to access crafted custom maps. Game play is similar to the survival mode but with few restriction. This is so that player can obtain the required items and experience adventure in the way that the map maker intended to. Another addition designed for the custom maps is the command block where the map maker can expand interaction with the player through certain server commands.

These are some simple feature of the minecraft games which are catchy to the player in the game play. There are many other modes like multiplayer when two player can play at a time, spectator mode when the player can watch the game play as the computer access the game showing how to play it.